Do you ever see a need and wish there was more you could do? While money isn’t the answer, money in the hands of the right people can do a great deal of good. From helping out a friend going through a rough time, to sponsoring a child through Compassion, to donating to humanitarian aid charities, to helping our church reach more people with the message of Jesus — when we have more to give away, we can have a greater impact.

When we give, we show the world around us God’s love. Wouldn’t it be great if you had more money to be generous with? Maybe you think that sounds like a great idea, but you feel like you’re a long way off. Maybe you only just make it to the end of each month. Maybe you’re a student, or don’t have any income. Maybe you’re swamped by debt. Or maybe you just feel that while you can do something, you wish you could do more.

We want to help. We’re starting something new we’re calling “Propel”.

Propel is all about helping you to thrive in your finances so you can have a greater impact on your world. It’s not about asking more of you, but about equipping you to have more. To have an abundance. To be able live in such a way that your wallet can match the desires of your heart.

If this idea sparks something inside of you, wherever you’re at on your journey, we would love to have you there. Register today!



Feb 1, 2022 7:30 PM

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