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Proclaimers Kid's Church is a space for the next generation to encounter Jesus and develop their relationship with Him. We ensure children of all ages are able to engage with praise, prayer and bible stories, whilst having fun and creating friendships to last a lifetime.

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Josh & Ruth Fiddy
Kids Team

What to expect

As you come into church you be greeted by the welcome team who will show you where the kids rooms are- each room caters for our different age ranges. After signing a consent form and being introduced to the room leader for the right room/s your children can join in the session, which starts 15 minutes before the church service starts. You then can collect your child after the service, but feel free to grab a tea or coffee first, as the kids sessions will run for about 10/15 minutes longer than the service.  

All of the kids team members are fully DBS-ed as safeguarding is of the highest priority at Proclaimers. Please talk to any of the kids team members with an questions you have!

Age Groups

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Parent & Babies

0-1 year olds

Our parent and baby room is designed for parents to bring their babies up to a year old. There is tea, coffee and a host to help you with what ever you need, including a screen if you would prefer more privacy for feeding. As inclusivity is so important to our church, the service is screened to a TV in the parent and baby room, ensuring no one will miss out on the message, key information or worship! There are toddler and baby sized ear defenders available too, so if you prefer to go into the main service room for any parts you are more than welcome.

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1-2 year olds

Our youngest Kids Church room, Embers, centres largely around play, where we offer the children lots of free-play time to have fun whilst developing friendships with other children and adults. As well as sharing a snack and singing nursery rhymes, the children also have the opportunity to learn about God through hearing a Bible story, praying, creating a craft, and joining with the older children to sing and dance to some worship songs and a memory verse!

This room is a great place for the toddlers to begin to gain some independence and start their journey with God, but we also know that this time is just as important for parents/ guardians as they transition to being part of the main service after having their child. So please feel free to talk to the team about any questions or needs you may have. We are happy to work with you to settle your child into the room in the best way possible for them and you.

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3 year olds to year 1 at school

Sparks spring into action with a range or free play opportunities and a fun game or challenge to hint at the sessions Bible story and message. Next Sparks come together to further unpack some clues or principles often in a comical and visually engaging way. After this Spark join the other kids age groups for worship. Now it's  time for Sparks to dive into the sessions Bible story. We never want sharing God's Word to be boring! We laugh, shout, sing, act, dress up and use our senses! After using all that energy it's time for a well earned snack and rest. This is time to talk to each other and talk to God, prayer is powerful and we make sure we provide lots of fun and engaging activities to teach and practice prayer. Creative crafts to intrigue and share are a must. Finally Sparks can let their imaginations go wild in free play of get stuck into some fun group games to remind us of the message and have fun with friends. Sparks is a great opportunity to give it a go, share what you know, make friends and discover more about Bible Truths and Jesus.

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Year 2 to year 6 at school

In Blaze we start every session with some fun games and good stories from the week. We then join with the other kids age groups for some worship, where we sing and dance and praise Jesus! After worship we will read some of the bible, tell stories, ask big questions and discuss our faith. After this, we usually complete a craft, play some more games and pray near the end of the session. Blaze is a great chance for the children to discover more about their faith through questions and discussions, deepen friendships and have fun!

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