We can't wait to meet you!

Welcome to Norwich! Here at Proclaimers we are passionate about helping students find their home from home. We would love to welcome you into our community of young adults aged 18-30 called ONE.

Whether you are here for one year, three years or five years, we believe that church can be your new home away from home. Our hope is that you can find your people in church; people that become your friends and your family. However you have ended up in Norwich, we believe that you belong here.

We are so excited to help you follow Jesus, discover your purpose and make a difference. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

Everything you need to know

1. Getting to Church
2. Get Connected

How do I get to Church?

Everything you need to know about travel and transport.





If you're coming from UEA, we have free transport! Our transport leaves 30 minutes before each service. Head to the pick up point early so you don't miss out.

Our hosts will be outside Congregation Hall looking out for you!




If you are coming from NUA or live in the city and need help getting to church, let us know so we can help you out! You can email or DM us using the buttons below.

How do I get connected?

Find your home away from home.

Welcome Parties

Welcome parties are a great opportunity to meet some new people, eat some great food and find out more about our heart for students!

We will be hosting a welcome party after each of our Sunday services starting from Sunday the 26th September. Keep an eye out on our social media for more details!

Dinner Parties

These are our mid-week small group gatherings where we eat together and get to know each other better. We would love to help you find your people through a Dinner Party. If you would like to find out more, click the connect form button below and fill out the form.
Connect Form

Campus Meet-ups

We will be hosting some mid-week student hangouts on UEA campus. If you’re around on campus, come join us at UNIO or the SU bar for a drink and a catch up. We will be posting more details on our social media, so keep an eye out!