Welcome to Norwich!

Here at Proclaimers we are passionate about helping students find their home from home. We would love to welcome you into our community of young adults aged 18-30 called ONE.

Whether you are here for one year, three years or five years, we believe that church can be your new home away from home. Our hope is that you can find your people in church; people that become your friends and your family. However you have ended up in Norwich, we believe that you belong here.

We are so excited to help you follow Jesus, discover your purpose and make a difference. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

Sam & Esther
Young Adults Leaders

We can’t wait to meet you!

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UEA Medical Student

"The first time I set foot into a Proclaimers service, I was made to feel welcome by everyone I spoke to. This was made so much better by the gatherings throughout the week. 

Whether it was at a dinner party or football on a Friday, the atmosphere was relaxed and I was always made to feel part of the family. There is always someone you can talk to, to share some good news with or be open with if you’re feeling stressed out. 

I would really recommend Proclaimers to anyone new to Norwich, who’s looking for a church that’s easy to get involved in and have the freedom to just be yourself."


NUA VFX Graduate

"Moving away from home for university can be a very daunting and overwhelming experience especially if it is your first time away from your family. Luckily for me this feeling was very short lived as I had found a home away from home at Proclaimers from the very first week I stepped through those doors.

I met many amazing people, and it was a nice surprise to find that there were many students, some new and some who have been around for a few years all on very similar walks of life. I very quickly found myself in the mix of life at Proclaimers after I started serving on teams and over the past 3 years I can confidently say that I left Proclaimers very different to when I arrived. As much as I was learning so many new skills and working behind the scenes week in and week out, I also found a sense of belonging in a community of passionate and driven people all with one goal; to share the love of God.

I initially came to Proclaimers for the Sunday service and growing my walk with God but I ended up getting more than just that; I got a family for life that changed the way I go about my everyday life and made me a better person for it throughout my time at university."


UEA Medical Student

"Looking back 5 years ago, coming to Norwich where I knew no one for miles and miles, I never would have thought I’d find a home, lifelong friendships and made such awesome memories.

From the first day I stepped into Proclaimers, I felt so welcomed, I had to come again. And here I am, 5 years later. I thank God for my church family everyday."


UEA International development Graduate

"As a student, Proclaimers became my family, who would never stop encouraging me, supporting me - and feeding me!

I joined back in 2018, after visiting a few other churches in Norwich and loved the passion to care for others and finding people who invest in you.

Proclaimers, for me, is a community that lets you discover skills and leadership through teams and get involved in any aspect of church life."


NUA Illustration Graduate

"Proclaimers has become my home away from home and is the reason why I chose to stay in Norwich after graduating from NUA in 2020.

The relationships and friends I've made here will be with me for decades to come, and there's no found family I would rather share my life and faith journey with. In the last few years at Proclaimers I've found my place and purpose in the Production Team, a team which is creative, challenging and dynamic.

I love working alongside the brilliant people in my team to find solutions to our diverse projects, and use every opportunity to further the vision of our church; seeing the salvation of our city."


UEA Nursing Graduate

"Mayowa here, sharing my memorable time at Proclaimers. I may have only been at Proclaimers for 3 years, but I know for sure that I made friends and family for a lifetime!

When I think back on my time at Proclaimers I think of ‘Love your God and Love your neighbour’ because, for me, they did just that! When I look back to some of my highs I see the people that I met at Proclaimers cheering me on in support, but also during my hardest day I see those same people providing me with words of wisdom and comfort.

My time at proclaimers was spent seeing people going above and beyond for Jesus but also above and beyond for His people and I’m forever grateful to have had such an experience!"


UEA Nursing Student

"I have been attending Proclaimers for 2 years and it has been a wonderful journey of fellowship and love.

The people I have met, their humility and kindness create a place I can proudly call my home away from home.

Through the difficult situations in my life, Proclaimers have been a family who have supported me and encouraged me with wisdom and love."


UEA Modern Languages Graduate

"Proclaimers was a home away from home for me whilst I was at university, and I am so thankful for my time there.

I met some incredible people who invested so much into my life, and my relationship with God developed in so many ways. I made so many friends for life and matured so much as a person."

I would definitely recommend joining a team. It's a great way to get connected and to get to know more people, and you feel like you're really contributing to the life of the church."

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We have services every Sunday. We'd love to see you there! 

During October, we have a Student Welcome Party after each service. We'll feed you and get you home.

Find out more on our events page.


The Space, Roundtree Way, NR7 8SQ


Catch our free minibus from either of our pick up points. Our hosts will be there looking out for you! Head to the pick up point early so you don't miss out.

City Centre

Theatre St, Norwich NR2 1RL
*Pick up from the bus stop opposite the Theatre Royal


Congregation Hall, University Dr,
Norwich, NR4 7TR


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