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Heart for our House is our annual miracle offering. It’s the vehicle for us to go further than what our regular tithes and offerings provide for us. We believe that through your generosity and faith, we will see significant things take place in Norwich, Ipswich and beyond! 

We have a few projects that we want to fund through this year's Heart For Our House:

Partnering With TBN UK

We have been given the opportunity to partner with TBN UK to launch our very own TV series, bringing the message of Jesus into homes across the UK. Through this partnership, we believe we will be able to reach people for Jesus not just in Norwich and Ipswich, but BEYOND!

A New LED Video Wall
We would like to invest in a brand new LED video wall for our Norwich location. This will not only significantly elevate our Norwich on-site and Church Online experiences, this upgrade will provide an outstanding experience for our many clients who use The Space on a weekly basis for their conferences.

Foundations For The Future
Finally, we believe in setting the foundations for the future. We want to begin putting money away for us to purchase our own bespoke building by investing in property in the coming years. Norwich and Ipswich are strategic centers for a large and significant church to reach out to our community and reach the lives of others. We’re asking you to buy into our dream for our own building.

We are asking you to get excited about our future and our legacy for Norwich, Ipswich and beyond!  We are building a legacy that will inspire and empower generation after generation.

Get involved, set up standing orders for the Heart for our House fund. Details are below. Let’s build “stone by stone” for our future. In Jesus name!

Pastor Tom Rawls
Lead Pastor

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